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Our Services

As well as stocking thousands of tyres at low prices, we provide an extensive range of fully fitted replacement parts and vehicle repairs at centres up and down the UK. Parts replaced by Tyre City come with a full guarantee for additional peace of mind. Many of our centres also have fully trained MOT and service technicians, making Tyre City your one stop shop for all your car repair services and maintenance needs. Find out more about our services below.

Air Con

Vehicle manufacturers recommend recharging air conditioning systems with lubricant and gas every two years. If you’re looking to recharge the air con system in your vehicle to ensure it’s working as efficiently as possible, we’re here to help. Simply contact your local centre or call in at your convenience.


If you think your vehicle battery isn’t working as it should, you can turn to the technicians here at Tyre City. We offer free car battery checks during which our experts inspect the voltage output and charging rate of this crucial piece of kit to assess its health and whether it’s likely to fail soon. We keep a wide range of car batteries in stock and if we don’t have the one you need on the shelf, we’ll order it to be delivered in no time.


Having properly functioning brakes is essential for the safe running of your vehicle. If you’re concerned about the performance of your brakes or you would like them to be checked before a long journey or an MOT, simply call into your nearest Tyre City branch. Our experts will be happy to carry out a no-obligation brake inspection.

Engine Treatments

We offer three unique engine treatment products that can help to improve your vehicle emission levels, increase fuel efficiency and enhance engine performance. These treatments lubricate, clean and protect the engine and fuel systems in your car.


If you’re experiencing problems with your exhaust or catalytic converter, simply call into a Tyre City branch. Our technicians will carry out a free inspection to find out what’s causing the issues and what action can be taken.


If your vehicle is over three years old, you’ll need to have it MOT tested every 12 months. The fully trained MOT testers at Tyre City are highly experienced in carrying out these checks to ensure vehicles meet the standards set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. Simply contact us to arrange your next MOT.


Regular servicing can help to keep your car in the best possible condition and increase its value if you sell it on in the future. We offer a choice of two service options. You can book an interim service or a full service by simply contacting your local centre.


Regular suspension health checks can ensure that any steering and suspension issues are spotted and dealt with before they become serious, helping to protect your car and ensure a smooth driving experience. If you arrange a suspension check with Tyre City, our technicians will inspect your car, identify any issues and provide a full report - along with a clear quote for any recommended work.


With more than 10,000 tyres in stock ranging from budget models to ultra-high performance brands, we’re bound to have the right tyres for your car or van. As well as supplying an impressive selection of tyres, we can fit them to your car quickly and safely. Our service includes fitting, wheel balancing and the environmentally-friendly disposal of your old tyres.

Wheel Alignment

The wheels of your vehicle can easily become misaligned. Hitting a curb or pothole can result in poor wheel alignment, and in turn this can mean your car pulls to one side and your tyres wear unevenly. Our technicians use cutting-edge wheel alignment technology to adjust wheels with pinpoint accuracy. This service is available with and without tyre purchases.

If you have any questions about our car repair services, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and helpful team by phone or via our online form.