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Goodyear Tyres

At Tyre City, we stock a large selection of Goodyear tyres. If you choose Goodyear, you can rest assured that your tyre will deliver in terms of performance and fuel efficiency. A household name across the world, Goodyear has earned its reputation for excellence, thanks to its rigorous performance and safety testing measures and its commitment to innovation. The brand is a top choice for European car manufacturers, including Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Renault and Fiat.

Goodyear's Story

Goodyear was founded in 1898 in Ohio, USA over 50 years after the man the company was named after, Charles Goodyear, discovered how to vulcanise rubber. The company made the world’s first detachable tyre in 1904 and in 1908 Henry Ford chose Goodyear tyres for the first mass manufactured car, Ford’s Model T. By 1951, the brand had produced its one billionth tyre. Twenty years later, in 1971, the company took its first steps into space exploration when its tyres became the first ever to land on the moon as part of Apollo 14’s mission. 

Today, Goodyear is one of the world’s foremost tyre companies. It operates across over 20 countries and boasts two innovation centres - one based in the US and one based in Europe.

The brand has won a number of prestigious awards, including the 2018 Environmental Achievement of the Year Award from Tire Technology International, the Honda Sustainability Award and the Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. (SIA) Excellent Performance Award.

Why Choose Goodyear Tyres?

If you’re looking for a tyre brand with a reputation for high performance, safety and innovation, Goodyear shouldn’t disappoint.


Goodyear uses what it calls ‘the 360° quality tests approach’ to ensure its tyres are safe and perform to its high standards. 

As well as putting each new tyre through 50 tough internal tests to assess various capabilities including wet and dry handling, traction and aquaplaning, the company also refers to independent testing bodies and publications such as AutoExpress, Stiftung Warentest and ÖAMTC (Der Österreichische Automobil-, Motorrad- und Touring Club). These third parties put Goodyear tyres through a range of assessments, including tests for fuel consumption, durability and cornering grip. The brand’s Summer, Winter and All-Season tyres have achieved excellent results in independent tests in recent years. 

In 2012 the company helped to develop the EU tyre labelling system, which provides consumers with trustworthy, unbiased and comparable information so that they are able to make an informed decision when purchasing new tyres.


Over the years, Goodyear has been responsible for a range of exciting tyre innovations, including RunOnFlat tyres, which allow you to keep driving when your tyres suffer a puncture, EfficientGrip tyres, which reduce fuel consumption without compromising safety and SoundComfort technology, which reduces noise in a vehicle using sound-absorbing foam. The brand is committed to producing its tyres responsibly and is at the forefront of sustainable innovation, using corn-based compounds, renewable biomass and soybean oil as part of its production processes.

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