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Tyre Pressure Search

We recommended checking your tyre pressure every few weeks to ensure your tyres are not losing air. But how do you know what the correct air pressure should be for your car or van? Your vehicle manufacture will include recommended tyre pressures for front and rear tyres in your vehicle handbook. But if you don’t have this to hand enter your vehicle registration mark into the tyre pressure search and we’ll look up the recommended tyre pressure for your car.

Check your recommended tyre pressure

Enter your vehicle number plate below, click 'Search' and we will find the tyre pressure for your vehicle.

Please note: The tyre pressures shown are for unladen vehicles. If transporting heavy loads, please check your vehicle handbook for the correct laden pressure. If the vehicle or tyre size shown does not match your own, or we cannot find your vehicle, please contact your local Tyre City Centre. Who will be able to assist.

Maintaining tyre pressures

For your driving safety, it is vitally important that the correct air pressure is maintained in each of your tyres so we recommend that you check your tyre pressures regularly. Tyres do not have to appear flat to be underinflated, so check the pressures at least once every couple of weeks.

Over Inflation

Under Inflation

Correct Inflation

Whilst under inflation will cause rapid and irregular tread wear, over inflation will damage the tyre structure, both leading to possible tyre failure. For the best results always follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended air pressure for your tyres and remember the recommended pressures for the front tyres may be different from the rear. You can find your advised tyre pressures in your vehicle handbook or sometimes printed in the sill of the driver’s door.

Always check the tyre pressure with a tyre pressure gauge when your tyres are cold. If you are using your vehicle to carry additional load or weight, always consult your vehicle handbook for the correct loaded tyre pressure. Finally, don’t forget to check the spare tyre and this can lose air pressure even when not in use.

Tyre City to the rescue

If you are unsure about the recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle or are worried that your tyre pressure is incorrect, pop into your local Tyre City centre and we will check the tyre pressure on all your tyres for free.