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Continental Tyres

At Tyre City, we’re delighted to offer a great choice of Continental tyres at low prices. A colossus in the motoring industry, Continental has been producing tyres for over 145 years. The company’s solutions can be relied upon to deliver safety through innovation, technical prowess and rigorous testing. Continental is committed to using superior compounds to provide the safest and most enjoyable driving experience possible.

Continental's Story

Founded in 1871 in Hanover, the company’s first products included solid tyres for carriages and bicycles. A trailblazer in the industry, Continental has been responsible for a string of automotive firsts over the decades. The company presented the world with the first pneumatic tyres for bicycles in 1892, the first automobile tyre with a grooved tread in 1904, the first cord tyre in 1921, the first winter tyre in 1952 and the first ever sustainable tyre in the 1990s. 

Over the years, the company has found success on the race track too. In the 1930s the Continental tyres crossed the finish line first multiple times in a number of high profile races, including the German Grand Prix and the Tripoli Grand Prix. In the 1950s, too, Continental tyres were victorious in the British, French, Italian and Dutch Grand Prix. 

In 2007, following the acquisition of Siemens VDO Automotive AG, the company was named as one of the top five automotive suppliers globally. In 2018, Continental opened Taraxagum Lab Anklam, an experimental laboratory dedicated to research into environmentally-friendly tyre production.

Why Choose Continental Tyres

Continental prides itself on its four key areas of activity: tyre tests, original equipment, automotive expertise and German engineering.


At Continental, safety comes first, which is why the company puts its innovations through more testing than any other manufacturer. The brand’s products also perform highly in independent testing.

Original Equipment

The quality of Continental’s tyres is highlighted by the fact that one in three new cars made in Europe are fitted with Continental tyres. Continental tyres are manufactured to align with the individual characteristics of each vehicle so when you invest in a new vehicle that boasts Continental tyres, you know you’re getting a perfect fit.

Automotive Expertise

The researchers and engineers at Continental are experts in far more than tyre development and production. Their overall mission is the safe and efficient transportation of people and goods. They achieve high standards by continually innovating new interconnected technologies, such as sensors, radars and braking systems, to help make road travel safer for everyone.

German Engineering

At Continental, the focus on accuracy, efficiency and diligence that German engineering is famed for has spread across the globe. A workforce of 244,000 across 61 countries is united by a pioneering spirit and drive to make Continental the best.


Continental is the first manufacturer to win all-season, winter and summer tyre tests in one year from the popular weekly motoring magazine Auto Express.

Choosing a Continental tyre means that you will experience high quality in terms of both safety and innovation. To find out more about the Continental tyres we offer, browse our selection below. Alternatively, get in touch by phone or by filling in our enquiry form.

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