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Engine Performance Products

At Tyre City we believe that it is better to undertake preventative car maintenance, rather than waiting for something to go wrong before you fix it. That is why we stock a range of Fortron fuel system and engine oil system cleaning products, to offer motorists improved performance and peace of mind that you are looking after the key components that keep your engine running smoothly.

What can I do to improve engine performance?

As is the case with all parts of a vehicle, the engine picks up some wear and tear over time. One of the most common problem areas is a build-up of carbon that occurs in part due to the varying quality of fuel that is available at the pump. Over time this can lead to problems such as decreased fuel efficiency and increased emissions, with even the smallest amount of carbon build-up on fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers affecting performance. Luckily, Tyre City sell a range of products that are specifically designed to clean, lubricate and protect you engine & fuel systems, keeping your engine in optimal condition when combined with regular servicing. Our range of Fortron treatment products are available for both petrol and diesel engines.

Fuel System Cleaner

The Fortron Fuel System Cleaner aids to restore fuel delivery and performance in your engine while reducing potentially harmful exhaust emissions. With specially developed formulas for both petrol and diesel engines, the Fuel System Cleaner contains high quality detergents and additives that can be poured directly into the fuel tank to clean it from the inside. This will help to restore performance and MPG, eradicate deposits in the combustion chambers and restore full flow to the fuel injectors. It’s essentially doing just what the name says, cleanings the entire fuel system! Fuel system cleaners can be purchased online at Tyre City alongside any tyre fitting, MOT or Service booking.

Engine Oil System Cleaner

Our Engine Oil System Cleaner is an oil supplement that will replenish and fortify the critical oil additives, all while reducing the wear on engine parts and increasing your engine’s power and performance. As is the case with the Fuel System Cleaner, the Engine Oil System Cleaner is available for both petrol and diesel engines, and can be added to any servicing booking – we’ll carry out the treatment while completing your oil change. One treatment can be enough to remove potentially harmful sludge, dirt and varnish left in the engine, and prevent contamination of the new oil being added.

Buy Fuel System Cleaners and Engine Oil Treatment Products at Tyre City

Our Fortron Cleaning products can be added to your online order when you check out. Fuel System Cleaners are available when you book any service, MOT or tyre fitting, whereas the Engine Oil System Cleaner is only available when you book your vehicle in for a service. Simply add the appropriate cleaning product to your basket when checking out with a suitable booking. Alternatively, you can pop in to any Tyre City centre to find out more about our treatment products and book in centre.