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Hunter Wheel Alignment

Every one of our Tyre City centres nationwide is fitted with Hunter Hawkeye wheel alignment equipment so you’re guaranteed the most precise and accurate wheel alignment available when you come to us.

Unlike more traditional tracking methods which involves manually measuring and adjusting the position of the front wheels, the Hunter Hawkeye four-wheel aligner uses a series of high-definition imaging sensors which measure 14 primary alignment angles on your vehicle. These angles include the Camber, Caster, Thrust Line, Toe in and Toe out. The position and orientation of all four wheels are compared against the vehicle manufacturer’s data for your vehicle, to ensure your alignment is set up perfectly when you drive away.

A standard Hunter Wheel Alignment check at Tyre City includes the Hunter Hawkeye four-wheel alignment inspection and the front toe adjustment. If further adjustments are required, including any adjustments to the rear wheels, an additional charge will apply. However, you will be advised at the time of inspection prior to any work being carried out. Should we find that your wheel alignment requires no adjustments, we will happily refund you – that’s the Tyre City difference.

Contact your nearest Tyre City centre to book your Hunter Hawkeye four-wheel alignment check today.

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