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Car and Van Batteries

Should I Get My Battery Checked?

At Tyre City, we offer a free car battery check. During your check, our technician will inspect the charging rate and voltage output of your battery to check the health of your battery and whether it is likely to fail soon.

How Does a Car Battery Work?

To start your car, the battery supplies power to the starter motor which enables the engine to start. In the meantime, the spark plugs receive power from the battery to ignite the fuel and air in the engine combustion cylinders. The alternator then replaces this power to keep your car battery charged.

Battery failure is the most common cause of breakdowns in the UK. Modern car batteries are under increasing strain from new technology such as music players and satellite navigation systems. As a result of this, frequent battery checks are important to prevent battery failure.

Looking After Your Battery

Most modern car batteries are relatively maintenance free and come with a performance indicator which limits the amount of checks you can do yourself. However, there are a couple of things you can do to help maintain your battery.

Making sure that the terminal connections are tight and free of debris is important to prevent dirt building up and ensure that the battery is functioning effectively. It is important to be careful not to over tighten the cable as this can cause damage and even battery failure. Remember not to cross or connect positive and negative terminals as this can result in irreversible damage and even explosions.

Free Battery Check at Tyre City

If you have any concerns about your battery, simply contact your nearest Tyre City branch.

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Replacement Batteries In Stock

We keep a large range of car batteries in stock to fit the most common vehicle models. But even if we don’t have your battery on the shelf, we can order one from our stockist to be delivered in no time at all. If you need a new battery simply contact your local centre with your vehicle details and our team will be able to check the currently availability and make a fitting appointment at a time convenient to you.