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Exhaust Repair and Replacement

Does My Exhaust Need Checking?

A well maintained exhaust system is crucial to a smooth running vehicle. The exhaust system ensures that the engine is performing efficiently and removes harmful gases from the engine. At Tyre City, we are here to help if you have problems with your exhaust. Here are a few clear indicators that your exhaust needs checking.

Identifying Visual Problems

If you find any sign of rust on your exhaust, it is advisable to check this to see whether it is internal or external. External rust that is just surface level is not usually an issue. However, if the rust has come through from the inside, it may signify structural damage. To check areas of rust, gently touch the area with a screwdriver and see if you can feel any weaknesses or if any holes are visible. If this is the case, then the part will need replacing. It may be more cost effective in the long term to replace more than just the affected part.

Audible Warnings

The silencer is one of the parts of your exhaust most susceptible to damage. If you can hear an excessively loud roaring noise coming from your exhaust, this indicates a problem with your silencer.

Another noise to listen out for is rattling under the car. This shows that the system’s alignment has become misaligned. Other noises to listen out for include hissing shows that there is a crack or chugging which suggests that the exhaust system is blocked.

Catalytic Converter Issues

The catalytic converter is integral to the performance of your exhaust system. If the converter isn’t working, the exhaust emissions contain more harmful gases and fuel efficiency is decreased. Issues with the converter often occur due to temperature changes in the exhaust system which can prevent it from functioning efficiently.

Free Exhaust Check

If you are experiencing any issues with your exhaust or catalytic converter, Tyre City will carry out a free inspection to identify what is causing these issues and how best to resolve them. Simply, contact your local centre or pop in at your convenience.

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