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If you’re concerned about the safety or performance of your vehicle’s brakes, Tyre City can help. Our expert technicians can carry out a free inspection and advise you if a brake repair, replacement part or any other additional work is required.

Why Are Braking Systems So Important?

The truth is, the braking system is one of the most important parts of a vehicle, consisting of a number of key components. These include a master cylinder, brake calipers, brake fluid, wheel cylinders, servo, brake disks, pads, drums and shoes. It only takes one of these elements to degrade or fail to impact your vehicle’s overall braking performance.

In modern cars and vans, this system helps you stop and manoeuvre the vehicle in a controlled manner. As a result, it’s crucial that you ensure your braking system is in good working order to stay safe when you’re out and about on the roads.

What Are The Signs That My Brakes Need An Inspection?

There are a number of signs that there might be a problem with your brakes. You should book your vehicle in for a brake service if:

The Brakes Are Noisy

If your brakes are making an unusual noise, it’s worth getting them checked over. For example, a squeaking sound could suggest that the caliper has become stuck, while a grinding noise could mean that the brake pad has worn down to the metal caliper.

The Brakes Feel Spongy

A soft, spongy feeling when you apply your brakes shouldn’t be ignored. This can indicate that air has entered the brake liners and is stopping the brake fluid from effectively moving through the system, meaning a car brake replacement is needed.

The Vehicle Is Pulling To One Side

A thorough brake inspection can help identify the exact reason why your vehicle might be pulling to the right or left when the brakes are applied, but in some cases this can suggest that one of the mechanical or hydraulic components is sticking.

There's A Warning Light On The Dashboard

If you’ve noticed a warning light appearing on your vehicle’s dashboard when you use the brakes, it could indicate there’s a problem such as low brake fluid levels or a leak.

Book Your Free Brake Check With Tyre City

You can book your free brake check right here on our website. Simply enter your vehicle registration into our search tool to get started. Alternatively, bring your vehicle to your nearest Tyre City branch when it’s convenient for you - no appointment necessary.

During the inspection, our expert brake technicians will look at your vehicle and carry out a thorough brake pad check, as well as examine the braking system as a whole. After the inspection, you’ll receive a written report advising you if any additional work is needed, such as brake pad replacement or repair.

If you discover your vehicle needs a brake replacement, repair or something else, you can trust us to carry out the required work.

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For more information on when to have your brakes checked and how to identify a problem with your brakes, take a look at our brakes FAQ.

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